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As a mom, I am building a treasury of images for my children as they grow up. It is more than a hobby- it is a celebration of their lives, their childhood. I have created photography classes to help others do the same for their families. These classes will develop your artistic eye and your technical skills to create better pictures of what matters most- the people you love.

- Jamie Current

Photography Classes

Class schedules vary. Contact me for more information!


This is the class I wish I had when I was just starting to learn photography! We will set up your camera and teach you how to use it beyond "auto" mode. You’ll learn how to see photographically, choose camera settings and composition for technically correct and artistically pleasing pictures, and create images that tell your story and are full of meaning.

This class is for beginners who are currently shooting on "auto" or scene modes. This is not for someone who is working as a professional photographer or who plans on starting a photography business. A DSLR camera is required (one that allows interchangeable lenses).


•  Training your eye to know the difference between a snapshot and a photograph

•  Using your camera in manual mode to get better pictures including: Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO settings, Metering, Autofocus modes, Focus Points, and better white balance settings

•  Artistic techniques to create interesting photographs, including composition, natural lighting/flash, perspective, depth of field, freezing action, etc

•  Suggested settings for various situations

•  Finding good light

•  Setting up your DSLR camera

•  Quality affordable labs for printing

•  Advice for buying your next camera/lens/editing software

Cost:   $100

Sign Up:


     1.) 2 Hour In-Person Class with Instruction, Examples, Q&A

     2.) Printed Class Notes

     3.)  1 Week of Individual Coaching- invitation to a private Facebook group where you can post photos for personalized critique/advice by the instructor and see classmates’ work

     4.)  A Pocket Cheat Sheet for taking and reviewing pictures in camera



This course is for those who know the basics of photography and want to take their pictures to a whole new level. Students will compile a portfolio of their best 20 images (minimum) prior to the class. The instructor will review these and then hold a 2 hour in-person or Skype meeting tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

This class is for those comfortable shooting in manual, aperture priority, or shutter priority modes and would like to learn how to take and edit for more artistic photos. This is not for someone who is working as a professional photographer or who plans on starting a photography business. A DSLR camera is required (one that allows interchangeable lenses) and a portfolio of at least 20 images for review prior to the class.


•  Getting consistently good exposure and sharp focus in a variety of situations

•  Creating visually interesting images that tell a story

•  Using light: backlighting, side light, even shade, full sun

•  Using some of the camera's more advanced options for metering, focus, white balance/color shifting, Raw vs. Jpg, etc

•  Editing in a clean style in Lightroom and Photoshop

•  And answering any questions the student has

Cost:   $150

Sign Up:


     1.) 2 Hour In-Person or Skype Class with Instruction, Examples, Q&A along with an analysis of your strenghts and weaknesses

     2.)  A collection of my favorite Photoshop actions that I created to speed up my workflow including: skin smoothing, enhancing eyes, sharpening, and adding highlights and shadows.